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How To Childproof Your Home

If you are a parent of young children, or you have young children coming to visit with their parents, here are some tips to make sure they stay safe while in your home:

Cover Electrical Outlets

Plastic electrical covers are a cheap and easy way to protect small children from harm.

Place Fragile Items And Valuables Up High

If it’s shiny, colorful, expensive or made of glass, chances are little hands will want to touch it. Make sure it stays in one piece by placing it on a high shelf or putting it away until your guests leave.

Get In Touch With Your Inner Child

Think back to when you were a child and look around your home. Which items would you most like to play with? Move the trinkets or rare books from the lower bookshelves, remove any possible choking hazards and put child locks on the lower kitchen cabinets to ensure that nothing gets broken or misplaced.

Get Down To Their Level

Children are small, so crouch down to their height and travel around your house, looking for areas where they might trip, hit their heads or possibly poke an eye out. If possible, purchase rubber bumpers from the store and place them on your furniture, move potentially dangerous furniture or warn the parents ahead of time.

Think Ahead

Slipcovers over your chairs and sofa are easy to wash should they get dirty. Placemats on your end tables or coffee table can protect the wood from scratching.

Talk To The Parents Ahead Of Time

If you have rules you’d like the children to abide by, tell the parents before they visit. That way they can prepare their children and enforce your rules.

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