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Download These Learning Apps Today

What’s the secret to nurturing a healthy and active mind as you age? Never Stop Learning! Learning isn’t just for the classroom; technology allows you to learn about a variety of subjects from the comfort of your couch. Here are several Free and Low-Cost ways to continue your education outside of the classroom.

Babbel is an award-winning app that offers an interactive way to learn a language. The lessons are broken into short classes you can watch during your lunch break, while you’re in line at the store or anywhere time allows. Since your lessons are saved in the cloud, you can sync across multiple devices.

Lumosity helps you challenge your brain with scientific games tailored specifically to you. The program allows you to test your performance to gauge how well your cognitive skills are improving. Those with a competitive streak can compare their results with other members.

Rosetta Stone: Fit Brains Trainer features fun, stimulating games to challenge six major areas of your brain: FOCUS, MEMORY, SPEED, LOGIC, VISUAL and LANGUAGE. The format resembles a video game, which may help you stay focused. The games become increasingly difficult the more you play them. Although an account is free, you’ll have to subscribe to access the more challenging games.

Enhance Your Learning: Udemy, Coursera, and EdX are online learning programs offering apps to help their students access courses from anywhere using smartphones and tablets. TED, also has an app to make it easier to access your favorite inspiring and educational talks.

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