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MHT Moving Truck

Get Moving With The Mickey Herzing Team’s Moving Truck Today!

For All Clients of The Mickey Herzing Team who Buy or Sell their Home with us, will get to use this Moving Truck FOR FREE!

Included in the FREE Rental: One Day Truck Rental, Moving Blankets (12), Tie Down Straps (4) and a Moving Dolly. 

Don’t Hesitate! Reserve The MHT Client Moving Truck For Your Move Today!

The MHT Moving Truck – Information, Procedures & FAQs

Truck Information


The Truck runs on 87 Octane Gas. Gas Fill Cap is at Driver Door.


The Truck has a Height Clearance of 10’6″ and is 23′ in Length.

Hauling Weight:

The Truck’s Fully Loaded Hauling Capacity is 10,300lbs.

Truck Accessories:

There are Moving Blankets (12), Ratchet Tie Down Straps (4), Moving Dolly (1), Lock (1), Broom (1) and an Owner’s Manual (1) for your use. These SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED or DAMAGED. If accessories are not returned, or are damaged upon return, you will be responsible for a per item charge.

Rental Periods:

Our Truck is available for use any day of the week, 10am-9am the following morning.

Insurance Card, Registration & Owner’s Manual Location:

The Insurance Card, Registration Info and Owner’s Manual are located above the Steering Wheel.


Truck Procedures

Required Information

Reservations are on a First Come, First Serve basis. When you pick up the Truck, any person who will be driving the Truck will need to bring three (3) items:

1) A Valid Drivers License (Renter MUST Be Over 21)

2) A Valid Insurance Card (Matching Drivers License)

3) A Valid Credit Card for Incidental Charges

If any of these items are not present, we will not be able to give you the Truck at that time.

Picking Up The Truck

The Rental Paperwork including the Rental Agreement and Safety Qualification Record as well as the Hold Harmless Clause MUST be Completed/Signed during normal office business hours. Once you have properly completed your paperwork, you can pick up the Truck at any point during your rental period and keys will be provided to you.

Returning The Truck

When you are finished using the Truck: Fill up the Gas Tank; Bring a Copy of the Gas Receipt; Fill Out the Dropoff/Return Form; and Return it to our Office. Make sure you return it no later than 9am the morning after your reserved day, as others may be waiting for you to return it, so they can move.


Truck DO’s

DO: Clean the Truck before returning it, inside the Cab and Body.

DO: Return All Accessories. Cost for Missing Accessories: Blankets ($25 each); Moving Dolly ($200); Tie Down Straps ($10 each); Broom ($20); and Truck Manual ($100).

DO: Read ALL of the Information on the Safety Qualification Record prior to using the Truck.

DO: Use the Buddy System and have someone to guide you while Backing Up.

DO: Be aware that it takes a much greater distance to stop a Fully Loaded Truck than a passenger vehicle.

DO: Keep the Truck ONLY on Pavement or Gravel.

DO: Secure your furnishings and boxes inside the Truck (Tie Down Straps are Provided). The body is made of Fiberglass and can be damaged by unsecured articles.


Truck DO NOT’s

DO NOT: Use your Cell Phone while Driving.

DO NOT: Let Unregistered People Drive the Truck.

DO NOT: Let Pets in the Cab or Body of the Truck.

DO NOT: Smoke or Vape in the Cab or Body of the Truck.

DO NOT: Pull into any type of Drive Thru’s (i.e. Bank Drive Thru’s, Fast Food Drive Thru’s, etc.).

DO NOT: Drive the Truck on Grass or Lawns; or if the Roads are Snow Covered or Icy.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Do I Go To Pick Up The Truck?

The Truck is picked up at our office in Wyndhurst located at 103 Tradewynd Dr., Lynchburg, VA 24502.

Who Can Use The Moving Truck?

The Truck is Reserved for Clients of the Mickey Herzing Team.

Can I Use The Truck If I Am Going To Buy Or Sell In The Future With Your Team?

If you are not in the process of Buying or Selling your home through The Mickey Herzing Team, you may not use the Truck.

Can I Use The Truck If I Am Under 21?

You MUST be at least 21 years old to Rent and Drive the Truck. If you are under 21 and need to use the Truck, you may do so, but you MUST have someone over 21 to: Provide the necessary Required Rental Material; Assume Full Responsibility of the Truck; and Drive the Truck at ALL Times.

Is My Reservation Guaranteed?

Your Reservation request is not guaranteed until you have been given a confirmation from either Mickey or Jake.

What If The Truck Is Not Returned By My Rental Time?

We do everything in our power to make sure the Truck is available on your reservation date. However, in some circumstances beyond our control such as a Renter not returning the Truck on time, or a Mechanical issue with the Truck, your reservation will be cancelled. We bear no financial responsibility if a circumstance beyond our control prevents us from providing the Truck for your use during your scheduled rental time.

How Late Can I Come In To Fill Out Paperwork?

Paperwork MUST be filled out during normal business hours (Mon-Fri: 9:30am-5pm) at our office. If you are not able to make it in to fill out paperwork prior to our office closing, then your Truck Reservation may be cancelled. You MUST complete the Rental Paperwork before you can use the Truck.

How Late Can I Pick Up The Truck?

You can pick up the Truck at any point during your Rental Period. Paperwork MUST be completed during normal business hours prior to using the Truck. Keys are provided once paperwork is completed.

Can I Drop Off The Truck Later Than My Rental Period?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow you to keep the Truck past the end of your Rental Period, regardless of when you picked it up. We have other clients that have scheduled an entire move around a Rental Period and need to begin on time. A late return may result in revocation of future Truck use privileges.

Who Do I Contact If I Have A Problem With The Truck While I Am Using It?

Contact Mickey: (434) 660-6032 and let us know the current issue you are experiencing so that we can attempt to help you.

Who Is Responsible For Problems With The Truck During My Use?

If the problem is Mechanical and cannot be repaired onsite, we will work together to come up with a suitable solution to help you finish your move. If the problem is Mechanical caused by the Renter (Out of / Wrong Type of Gas, Flat Tire, Struck an Object, etc.), it is the Renter’s responsibility to reconcile the problem as quickly as possible as well as report the problem to either Mickey or Jake. If the Truck is involved in an accident, you MUST report the accident to the proper authorities right away as well as to either Mickey or Jake. In cases of a Vehicle Accident, we will not pursue other parties if responsible, we will require the Renter to cover damages, and pursue other parties separately.

What Happens If: I Am late Returning The Truck / Do Not Fill It Up / Do Not Clean It Out / The Truck Has Damage?

If the Truck is returned with damage, we will contact you about your financial responsibility for the necessary repairs. If you are either Late Returning the Truck, Fail to Fill the Gas Tank, or Don’t Clean Out the Truck, you will be financially responsible and possibly forfeit your future Truck use privileges.

If You have A Mishap:

Please call the Police right away, because Insurance Companies require a Police Report when filing a claim. Then, please call your Insurance Agent and explain the situation. Finally, call Mickey at (434) 660-6032, and let us know what happened. If your Insurance Carrier denies the claim, you will be required to pay the deductible of Mickey Herzing Team’s policy, plus a $100 service charge.

What If My Question Was Not Answered?

If your question was not answered, please call us at (434) 660-6032 and we will be happy to answer it for you.