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Intro for Sellers

Here at The Mickey Herzing Team, we understand that Selling a home can be a very emotional and time consuming process for some people; which is why we work diligently to relieve some of that emotional worry by guiding our Sellers through this fun, yet sometimes stressful process of Selling with an Individualized Plan of Attack to Market, List and Most Importantly SELL their home in a simple and timely manner. 

Over the past few years, The Mickey Herzing Team has worked relentlessly to create efficient and systematized Plans of Attack for their Sellers. By doing so, The Mickey Herzing Team has been able to create a nearly Stress-Free Selling Process, allowing their Sellers to spend their time and energy on more important tasks.

Reach out to see how The Mickey Herzing Team can help you with your Home to Sell!

Why Use The Mickey Herzing Team

There are over 800 Real Estate Agents in the Lynchburg Area; does it really matter who you choose? Well…if you would like to simply LIST your home, almost every choice is available to you; however, if you would like to SELL your home, your decision just became a little more important. 

At The Mickey Herzing Team, our Listings on Average:

  • Sell Faster than the Market Average
  • Sell for More Money than the Market Average
  • Are Advertised and Marketed in More Places Online than the Market Average

Sellers always have a number of considerations to think about when selecting their Real Estate Agent; however, there are typically only three that are considered the Most Important. Below is a quick explanation of these Three Most Important Considerations and why The Mickey Herzing Team is the RIGHT choice to help you get your home SOLD!

1) Marketing Your Home

  • Listing Specialist
    • For all listings, The Mickey Herzing Team utilizes the specialized skillset of an Experienced Listing Specialist to better List and Market their Sellers’ Homes allowing for Faster and More Profitable Sales on Average. The Listing Specialist uses proven techniques to Best Photograph the Home, Point Out Important Selling Features to Potential Buyers and Entice those Buyers to View the Home in person. This is something many agents, or teams for that matter, do not utilize or have access to. For many agents, it is just that one agent working to sell your home;rather than a team of Experienced Professionals. 
  • Technology
    • The Mickey Herzing Team is one of the most Technologically Advanced Real Estate Teams in the Lynchburg Area. Through their use of Innovative Facebook Campaigns, Extensive Knowledge of the MLS and other Online Databases as well as the Expansive Number of Online Platforms they Utilize allow them to Promote and Market their listings in more places than most in the Lynchburg area. The Mickey Herzing Team has worked diligently to stay ahead of the curve in the Technology World, allowing them to best serve their past, current and future clients.
  • Drone
    • In 2016, The Mickey Herzing Team took a giant leap ahead of any other team in the Lynchburg area by purchasing a Drone for Listing Purposes. The Drone allows The Mickey Herzing Team to Promote their Sellers’ homes in ways other agents simply cannot. The use of Aerial Photography has given The Mickey Herzing Team a leg up on the competetion when it comes to Marketing Listings, especially in the Higher End Market.
  • Communication
    • One of the Greatest Qualities of The Mickey Herzing Team is that they keep you in the loop at all times. One thing that sets them apart from other agents, they answer their phones and stay in constant contact with their clients. This allows the clients to be part of the process and feel like a member of the team, rather than a transaction number. The Mickey Herzing Team understands that this can be a stressful time for some, especially if they feel left in the dark during the transaction period; which is why they work hard to make sure their clients always feel valued and stay up to date on anything going on during the transaction.

2) Negotiations

  • 30+ Years Experience as a Realtor
    • The Mickey Herzing Team’s Founder, Mickey Herzing, has over 30 Years Experience in the World of Real Estate both Professionally and Personally – having sold over 50 Personal Homes in his lifetime, he Understands the Emotion Involved. This Personal and Professional Experience has allowed Mickey to learn to Control the Negotiations to Best Serve his clients in the long run.
  • Top 10 Agent in Lynchburg Association of Realtors Every Year Since 2013
    • Since the Creation of The Mickey Herzing Team in 2013, Mickey Herzing has been a staple in the Top 10 List of Real Estate Agents in the Lynchburg Association of Realtors. This consistent level of success stems from the Team’s ability to Leverage Technology, to Understand their Clients’ Wants/Needs and to Regularly Produce Successful Results for their Clients time and time again.
  • More Money for the Sale of Your Home
    • By utilizing their Knowledge of the Local Markets, Extensive Negotiating Experience, and Leveraging Technology; The Mickey Herzing Team, on Average, is able to get their Listings Sold for More Money and in Less Time than the Market Average. By Employing this Extensive Knowledge of the Local Market, The Mickey Herzing Team is more equipped to Price a home at the Appropriate Market Value – producing Faster Sales which typically prevents a Price Reduction from occurring – leading to the Seller Obtaining More Money for the Sale of their Home. 

3) Character / Service / Trust

  • Here at The Mickey Herzing Team, Our CHARACTER is the Foundation of our Business. Without a Solid Foundation, everything relying on it will crumble and fall. Our Foundation (CHARACTER) has allowed us to build a Strong Business in town and with the Outstanding SERVICE we provide to our Clients, the TRUST comes Naturally.